Stefan Knappe(drone records): "ANTIPHONA AD INTROITUM" - finally on SUBSTANTIA: the genius German masters of experimental dadaism & de-construction, whose releases are always a thoughtful play with hidden meanings, conceptions & contradictions => the two pieces on this mysterious 10" sound completely different (* a bewildering collage-work / * a meditative bowl-drone recording) but can be regarded as anthiponies that form a single whole => draw your own conclusions; Side A ends in a endless groove.

Recorded at DIE SIBIRISCHE ZELLE, Berlin 22nd of September 2004. Peter Hollinger played his "salad bowl" for 30 minutes in the halls of the Siberian cell and the vibrations of the profane bowl ghosted through the masonry. 3 microphones installed in separate rooms documented the action.
column One were. Peter Hollinger . salad bowl percussion . Jürgen eckloff . recording Tom Platt . recording . Robert Schalinski . saw, processing, recording & postproduction.

ANTIPHONA excerpts MP3
Recorded at Polly's Home, 2012. column One were.
Andrew loadman . voice, source donation . Antoine chessex . sax Jürgen eckloff . source donation, editing . René lamp . source donation Robert Schalinski . voice, zither, gongs, saw, acoustic instruments, fieldrecordings...
Mixed & mastered by Robert Schalinski & Polly Sinclair 2013.
collage "No evidence of a 757 near the ha'penny bridge" by Sean Hillen.
Design by Robert Schalinski.

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