WCD 001
release-date: 2001

In Electric Pleasure, the analog-bubbling concepts of the future in the 50's & 60's, equipped with vocoder voices and in a mega-futuristic / surrealistic environment, combine with today's digital, dust-free, and distorted image of the future which does not deviate from scientifically fathomable reality by one macro-millimeter. The scenery is created by a multitude of sound projections & transports the listener directly into the center of the future. ...computer-generated life forms & locations from the past future, meet reanimated electronic sounds & beats, virtual robot talk shows & fictional Sci-Fi orchestras.
note: limited edition "Electric Pleasure" pictureLP by Column One included completely different material

01. No Limits To The Imagination (excerpt MP3)
02. Don't Move The Iron-Feet In Time
03. Die Welt dreht sich im Kreis (excerpt MP3)
04. Electric Bones (excerpt MP3)
05. Electric Voices (excerpt MP3)
06. Nacht aus Stahl
07. Re-Start To Move
08. Im Zentrum der Zeit (excerpt MP3)
09. Voice Test
10. MZ4 / Alpha Ville (excerpt MP3)
11. Die Stimmen des Radios
12. Receiver (excerpt MP3)
13. Die Stimme der Energie / Electric Pleasure P.6 (excerpt MP3)

10,- euro