10inch, limited edition of 500 copies
release date: 2004

“PRESET TRAINING” is a selection of unreleased tracks originally produced for “THE AUDIENCE IS SLEEPING…CD”
…minimal electronic beats with well-balanced micro-compositions & field recordings. .thus, sampling & fragmentation form the basis of this synthesis, but on second thought it unfolds its primary elements clearly, which are then being reconstructed in the listener´s brain. .tiny little noise-particles plough through the otherwise almost dancefloor-compatible compositions & tear up structures even before they enter the audible spectrum.

side one:
1. Go Uite Than - Four (excerpt MP3)
2. Koulé Estrut (excerpt MP3)
3. Haseled (excerpt MP3)

side two:
4. Die schlafende Haselnuss (excerpt MP3)
5. Beze Lowcz Li (excerpt MP3)
6. Die stille Fotografie

5,- euro