WCD 007/PLUS 068

release date: 2005

After 3 years the third rumbling album by Marc Wannabe finally is released! A journey through 12 crackling & grooving tracks, based mainly on the sounding sputum of throat & mouth.
60 minutes of straight & oblique rhythms, pulsating basses & energetic transfers. Old friends showing up, leaving breathes, noises & voices, and also the well known old pleated robots can be found somewhere... Marek Wantzéck (aka Marc Wannabe) explains the conceptual background of this album:
“How to handle that professional music as we know it? Well, the construction, you see, really made me start to use situations and transistors radios. And that became an image of the piece what was happening around me. And the title really came after the piece and is like a silent protest. So there was a strong connection there with things don´t last very long.”
That may answering a lot – but not everything. To get the full spectrum of possible answers: Listen to this CD!

01. rattle the pig
02. rydike (MP3)
03. silek (excerpt MP3)
04. klatt
05. the grey ash of voice (excerpt MP3)
06. kulk_limit
07. white concept (excerpt MP3)
08. der alte (feat. Stea Andreasson) (excerpt MP3)
09. soft & sweet (feat. Column One)
10. professional music today (excerpt MP3)
11. huley
12. gurkensteiger

12,- euro